Bradenton Motorsports Park
Class Rules
Basic Rules (test & tune)
1. Any driver must have valid drivers license.
2. Overflow container & battery hold down required.
3. Drive shaft loop required for cars faster than 13.99 (recommended for all).
4. Seat belts (5 point harness for cars faster than 11.99) required.
5.. Cars must be in good/safe operational condition.
6. All convertible drivers must wear helmets & can’t have passengers.
7. Faster than 13.99 drivers must wear helmets and can't have passengers.
8. Cars faster than 11.99 require roll bar, fire jacket, 5 pt. harness
9. All cars faster than 10.99 require cage.
10. Convertibles faster than 13.49 require roll cage or roll bar or roll hoop.
11. All NHRA Safety Rules Apply.

Motorcycle rules:

Bike info:
1. Front brakes mandatory.
2. Chain guards and clutch cover mandatory.
3. Electronics OK.
6. Engine kill switch attached to rider or factory tip over switch is required on 0 to 10.99 1/4 mile and 0 to 6.99 1/8 mile vehicles.
7. Snap-back throttle required on all vehicles.
8. Ridged front forks are not permitted.
9. All machines must have properly secured seat, foot pegs and handle grips.
10. Nitrous Oxide permitted on bikes going 9.99 1/4 mile or 6.40 1/8th mile or quicker only. Any unsafe vehicle will not be permitted to race. Any vehicle that exhibits unsafe handling characteristics at any time will be disqualified.

Rider info:

1. Each participant agrees to familiarize themselves with all applicable rules and regulations prior to competing in any BMP/NHRA sanctioned event.
2. Helmet: SN-2000 or newer, K 98, 2000 or SFI 31.2 or 31.2 mandatory. (See general NHRA regulations)
3. All riders must have boots/shoes above ankle, leather gloves and a leather jacket.
4. Any rider quicker than 10.99 ¼ mile or 6.40 or quicker 1/8 mile must have valid NHRA competition license.
5. Leathers or SFI approved riding suit on all bikes 9.99 or under ¼ mile.
6. All NHRA safety rules apply.

For more in-depth requirements please see the tech representative at the track.